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Houston, TX

An internet entrepreneur just living life and seeing what the world has for me!

You never know what life has in store.

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michael walsh

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.

- Theodore Roosevelt

My Services 1
Website Hosting

Tired of being hosted by those big corporations? Tired of just being another number? Try web hosting that does not just claim to have a personal touch, but actually provides it!

Website Development

Imagine a developer who gets your projects done on time, speaks English as a first language, doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and gets it done exactly how you requested!? It's a travesty!

Server Management

Trying to figure out how to manage that migration to your new server, or managing your server at all for that matter can be a daunting task! Stop stressing, and just let me do it for you!

My Services 2
Let's get real, in today's world the website hosting market is extremely saturated with many corporations and fly by night hosting companies. You get promises and guarantees out the wazoo but do you ever actually see them live up to expectations? Try some hosting where a personal touch, is not just a blank statement, but a reality. You will work directly with me, the owner, at all times whenever you need help. Gone are the days of waiting to get a response from the proper department, or waiting to hear back from management on a particular topic, it is all right here!
I honestly do not know many people, if any that have always had amazing experiences with developers. Many developers out there today, if not most of them are non English speakers, or charging an arm and a leg! Sometimes people just need a break, and you have finally found one. I am a English speaking, experienced, reliable, and affordable website developer here to help you get your website off the ground!
Server migrations, and server management can be an incredibly daunting task for people who are not extremely experienced in the area. Sometimes you just do not want to have to worry about if the Apache configuration is properly generated, or if the kernals on your server are up to date! Sometimes, you just want to have someone do all of this for you! Well I am here to take that responsibility off of your back so you can focus on making money! I can help you with anything relating to server management, from migrations, configurations, all the way to custom setups! Contact me today and we can discuss anything you need.

Resume - Personal Info

Programming Skills
Designs skills
Linux Server Administration
cPanel / WHM
Custom Configurations
General Skills
Customer Satisfaction
Project Management
Ability to Work with Others
Work Quickly and Efficiently
  • Employee of the Month June 2011

    Being awarded employee of the month at HostGator means that you were noticed for your work above and beyond the 500-1000 other employees at the company!

  • Employee of the Month December 2010

    Being awarded employee of the month at HostGator means that you were noticed for your work above and beyond the 500-1000 other employees at the company!

  • COO & Co-Founder 2014 - Present
    Hoststing LLC

    Co-Founded and actively managing operations of Hoststing LLC. Managing multiple website hosting and managemenet brands day to day operations.

  • Director of Technology 2015 - Present
    Supplement Technologies

    Overseeing and managing the SEO optimization across our fleet of websites. Configuring, deployment, maintaining, and monitoring our fleet of servers to ensure that everything is kept up to date, secure, running smoothly, and without issues. Developing and maintaining current and new websites within the company. Creating proprietary systems that can withstand massive amounts of ecommerce purchases and requests sent through to our software and server. Building and maintaining internal office servers, and personal work stations. Diligently ensuring that every internal server and workstation is fully up-to-date and running optimally. Assisting employees with any workstation issues, and ensuring all software is up to date and provided. Monitoring the office network for intrusions as well as ensuring that it is running optimally to handle all traffic in and out.

  • Systems Engineer & Developer 2014 - 2015

    Provisioning servers, managing custom configurations, developing custom tools to assist in efficiency, assisting customers with issues.

  • Developer 2013 - 2014

    Systems developer working on developing and maintaining internal and public systems. Projects included billing system, main website, internal employee management, and scripts to assist in automating internal procedures.

  • Developer 2012 - 2013
    Operations Excellence Group

    Designing and developing client websites from the ground up matching very specific customer specifications provided directly by the customer. Worked directly with the customer to ensure all needs were met!

  • Developer 2009 - 2012

    Developed and maintained internal systems including internal employee management, statistics, quality assurance, and human resources systems. Fully developing an entire quality assurance platform from scratch as well as assisting with development from scratch on internal system to manage all 1,000+ employees in the company. During my time here I was also in charge of the majority of the UI design and development on these projects as well.

Client reference
  • "Michael is a very intelligent individual and knowledgeable programmer. He has a wonderful, positive attitude and is easy to work with. Additionally, he has revamped and/or revamped several internal systems to allow for employees to work more efficiently. Being dedicated and putting 110% effort into any task are just some of Michael's strong suits and definitely an asset to any company that is technically inclined."

    Nicholas Price, IT Manager at Keais Records Service

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